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Akshita P.

Bubbly, Optimistic, Self Driven

Make it simple, but significant
- Don Draper

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Akshita is a compassionate and bubbly person who brings everyone together. These traits allowed her to envision Blue Bloom, one of her greatest accomplishments. She and her team built a platform to connect kids with autism and volunteers through shared interests, bringing much joy to the families during the pandemic. This was all possible due to her confidence in her leadership and people skills, which were acquired through her six years of participation in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI).


Moreover, she inspired and challenged her students to think out of the box by mentoring First Lego League, STEMATIX Labs, and Pre-Med club participants. In the future, Akshita aspires to revolutionize the healthcare industry by using advanced technologies to develop automated clinics in underserved areas.


She is also proud of binge-watching Netflix shows the day they come out!

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