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Aleena B.

Creative, Passionate, Driven

You can't use up creativity, the more you use the more you have.
- Maya Angelou

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Aleena B1


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Aleena has been part of the SLI community for five years. She grew up with a paintbrush in one hand and a microscope in the other, and her love for both art and science is demonstrated throughout her high school journey. She participated in hands-on work such as tinker-track and maker fair and got involved in the student-run magazine, STEMATIX. Her love for art began when she was very little, dancing since she was six years old, and drawing even longer.

As she grew up, she used art to add her personality into everything she did, from class assignments to volunteer events. Her love for science began early in life, too, observing everything from ants to plants under a microscope.

In high school, she took numerous science classes but is most fond of Biological sciences. Her passions caused her to seek out a field that would allow her to discover the unknown and work with her hands, something like Biotechnology. Aleena intends to continue bringing her creative spark and her love for science with her as she leaves the program to explore the beautiful and unknown college world. 
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