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Arthur T.

Knowledgeable, Risk-Taker, Incisive

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

- Les Brown

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Since joining the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute in 2017, Arthur has participated in The Tech Challenge at The Tech Interactive, FIRST Tech Challenge, MakerFaire, and Toshiba/NSTA's ExploraVision (in which he received honorable mention). During his time in SLI, surrounded by smart passionate peers, Arthur has built on his soft-skills, growing from a quieter participant to a more proactive leader. Over his high school career, Arthur has volunteered as a Link Crew leader, a California Scholarship Federation Food Distributor, and has participated in 3 different sports (Swimming, Water Polo, and Cross Country). With a deep interest in politics, he also cofounded the Political Forum Club, in which he works to foster productive conversation around local and national political topics. Arthur enjoys debate and the successful bridging of differences to work towards a common goal.
In his free time, Arthur works with his classmates on a free AAC app that aims to surmount the issues faced by the non-verbal community.
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