Danielle B.

Imaginative, Inquisitive, Growth-Minded

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. 

- Albert Einstein



Over her six years as a member of the 49ers’ STEM Leadership Institute (SLI), Danielle has gained knowledge of programming, machinery, and more. Her interest in computer science led her to participate in First Tech Challenge (FTC) under two separate teams: Avocoders and Nova Robotics, the former of which was rewarded the FTC Motivate Award.
Danielle’s high school life has been filled with lasting friendships and valuable experiences. Her interests have guided her to clubs like Girls Who Code, GAINS, and more. Although it was only for a short time, Danielle took on a leadership role as vice president for the Calligraphy Club. As far as academics, Danielle has displayed her desire to challenge herself by taking multiple rigorous Advanced Placement classes. These smaller pieces of Danielle’s life have helped her explore and find out more about herself and her interests. Over the years she has discovered her passion for Graphic and Web Design. This interest has motivated her as a co-creator of the 49ers SLI Grads Website and the SLI Communications Team's Website Advisor.
When she is not doing these things, one can often find Danielle passing time by biking, reading a book, watching horror movies, or playing the Kalimba.