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Jason C.

Creative, Curious, Passionate

It's better sometimes to be lucky than good.
- Kurt Busch

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Jason A1


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Jason is a passionate student who has been in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute for six years. Jason has demonstrated an interest in engineering: advancing to the regional competitions in the FIRST Tech Challenge with the AstroBruins team, being awarded runner-up at Project Invent with an overhead obstacle detector for the visually impaired, placing at the California Science and Engineering Fair, and placing 1st at the Synopsys Science Fair and GrabCAD Challenge with his multipurpose prosthetic project. He has exhibited creative qualities in projects ranging from building a life sized Google dinosaur wooden arcade cabinet for Maker Faire to making layer-stacked geometric Pokemon sculptures for fun. As a way to give back to the community, Jason spends his time volunteering at the Second Harvest Food Bank as a Team Leader, Super Sorter, and distributor.

In his free time, Jason spends his time sketching and drawing on digital and traditional mediums and playing games with his friends.
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