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Jessica W.

Poised, Versatile, Assiduous

Don't be trapped in someone else's dream
- V

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Ever since she was young, Jessica has always been inquisitive. Whether it be further exploring the vastness of outer space through astrophysical principles or discovering the various capabilities of life on Earth, she is always curious. Jessica earnestly seeks opportunities to fuel her passion in the sciences, joining the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute since 7th grade. Through her adventurousness, dedication, and constant drive to learn, Jessica has found a passion in Biomedical Engineering and wishes to pursue a future in the field.

Outside of school, Jessica enjoys participating in various extracurriculars. A tri-season athlete who has taken part in volleyball, wrestling, and track-and-field, she has earned many league titles as a reward for her perseverance. Jessica has also shown a great passion in the creative arts. Through photography, writing, calligraphy, and journaling, she has fostered her love to create. Additionally, Jessica has diligently put in 100+ volunteering hours towards creating digital marketing materials for student initiatives such as STEMATIX and Apps 4 Education. Aside from this, she is always listening to music or dreaming in hopes of building a better tomorrow.
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