Keen, Resilient, Vibrant

"I think everybody should be rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see that it's not the answer."

- Jim Carrey



Jonathan has a profound interest in building an inclusive community and exemplifying change through youth. By serving as ASB President and Vice President of Santa Clara High School (SCHS), Jonathan oversees and facilitates student body activities on campus. As a part of this role, he has developed a new Drive system that consists of online organizational tools for club leaders.

Some of his proudest accomplishments as Co-President for various school clubs include proposing the first Acts of Kindness Week for the SCHS community and raising more than $1,000 dollars for Interact District 5170’s International Service project (Venezuelan Youth Crisis). 


Outside of school, Jonathan has the pleasure in actively participating in the complex and raw realm of Urban and Industry dance. Performing in small gigs and charity shows on the side, Jonathan has also been able to dance for the Warriors in the Warriors Junior Jam Squad and the Oakland Justin Bieber Purpose Tour. He is currently in the widely-known dance company Immabeast, and is spending his last year in Syndikidz, a San Jose youth competition team.


ASB President 2019-20

& Vice President 2018-19

Santa Clara High School

Overseeing and facilitating student body activities on campus. As a part of this role, he has developed a new Drive system that consists of online organizational tools for club leaders.

Individual Research



The Effect of Disjointed Media on the American Political System: Analyzing how the consequences and implications of manipulated media fluctuates political influence.

AP Seminar, 2019

Honorable Mention

ExploraVision, 2017-18

Research involving Alzheimer's Regeneration Therapy: A 3-step process of regeneration therapy proposed to resolve the effects of amyloid plaques (utilizing Nanotechnology).


The 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (49ers SLI) provides multi-year, year-round academic support, STEM enrichment, skills training, and leadership opportunities to students in middle and high school. Students, who are with the program for six years from 7th through 12th grade, commit annually to 300+ hours of program learning time in addition to their typical school hours. By cultivating student mastery in STEM subjects and in key skill areas, the program prepares students for college and empowers them to pursue their passions; so that they may become the well-rounded leaders of the future. The 49ers STEM Leadership Institute is made possible by the strong partnership between Silicon Valley Education Foundation, 49ers Foundation, Chevron, and the Santa Clara Unified School District.

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