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Regan S.

Energetic, loving, adventurous

Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.
- Tyrion Lennister

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Regan has been a member of the SLI program for the past six years. She has always been passionate about her friends and family as they are her number one supporters. Regan loves to read, go to the beach, take long drives, hang out with friends, or get in some physical activity in her free time. She played for the Santa Clara high school volleyball team for two years and loved it.
School has always been important to her, as she thrives off of proving to herself that she is capable of not only absorbing new information but also being able to display it in a way that helps others. She finds enjoyment in challenging herself and being able to look back on the many challenges she overcame. She has hopes of going into nursing and becoming an E.R nurse in the future.
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