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Rhea J.

Practical, Energetic, Analytical

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
- Albert Einstein

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Rhea J. has been a part of the SLI program since 7th grade and has grown into a responsible and independent young woman through the help of SLI's opportunities over the years. Rhea has been taking rigorous AP classes while spending extensive time studying independently to assimilate new and complex concepts, determined to make a career in computer science.
Her passion for data science comes through in her courses, internships, and volunteering outlets. Rhea has taken Mission college courses for Calculus, Statistics, Oracle-SQL to stay ahead of the curve and build her data analysis skills. She applied this knowledge in her software engineering internships at Cisco when building a log-engine analyzer and a college-admissions startup, Comet, to create an ML algorithm to scan school transcripts and turn them into virtual data structures.
Though an introvert, Rhea has worked considerably on her personality and grown into a mature individual who connects very well with her peers, teachers, and community. She proactively reached out to the SC Library. She reinvented the Coder-Dojo club with her peers into an official chapter, teaching Python, Java, and Machine Learning to around 70 students over the weekends. When not delving into CS projects or volunteering, Rhea loves to binge Netflix shows in her free time.
Rhea J.
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