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Rishab G.

Hardworking, Passionate, Driven

Put your head down and work hard. Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself through hard graft and not giving up.
- Gordon Ramsay

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Rishab A1


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Rishab has been with 49ers STEM Leadership Institute since 7th grade, and has always possesed a desire to learn. Rishab has always been passionate about computer science, and his largest project so far was creating the SCBruins App at Santa Clara High. In seeing the impact he made on the SCHS community through the app, he expanded it through a nonprofit he started: Apps4Education. Rishab is also immensely passionate about his community, engaging in countless volunteer opportunities such as StreetCode and CoderDojo to teach kids coding as well as starting YouTutor: a free online tutoring service for students struggling due to distance learning. 

Aside from his deep passion for computer science, Rishab enjoys being involved in the many clubs on campus, being a technology representative for Leadership, participating in varsity tennis since freshmen year, and most of all, cooking. What started as simply cooking homey dishes while locked up in quarantine soon turned into creating a TikTok page and being recruited for his first job at Poke House. Rishab never stops short of success and works his hardest to make his dreams a reality. 
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