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Ryan L.

Thoughtful, Determined, Curious

Learning never exhausts the mind.
- Leonardo da Vinci

Ryan L.


As a sixth-year student of 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI), Ryan is a passionate individual who is always searching for knowledge and determined to excel in all of his classes. He has always been interested in engineering and technology, participating in competitions such as Tech Challenge, Maker Faire, and FTC. Having served in the Santa Clara High School Student Body since his freshman year and being the co-president of the Mock Trial Club, Ryan is also an experienced speaker and leader. Through his duties as Treasurer, Ryan additionally discovered an interest in business and finance, attending several immersive programs as well as an internship with a financial services firm to deepen his understanding of the field.

Outside of school, Ryan has remained an active piano player for over ten years, accumulating several awards and accolades to his name, and he is looking forward to his upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall. Ryan believes music is something to be shared with others – and does so both on the stage and in the classroom. He has been volunteering as a piano teacher with NoteLove, providing free music education to students across California. In his free time, Ryan enjoys reading and exploring the outdoors with his family.
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