Determined, Collaborative, Curious

"Everything negative—pressure, challenges—is all an opportunity for me to rise."

-Kobe Bryant



Sean is a devoted student and hardworking athlete who has been in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute for six years. Sean has won awards in engineering competitions such as Tech Challenge and the Synopsys Science Fair. Outside of academics, Sean is passionate about martial arts. By the age of eleven, he had earned his first-degree black belt, which was soon followed by a second degree black belt. Sean tries to challenge himself in all aspects, whether it be taking rigorous classes--four Advanced Placement courses in his Junior year--or competing as a freshman against seniors to eventually earn the starting point guard spot on the Varsity basketball team. In his spare time, Sean is an active member of the community, volunteering at numerous robotics competitions and basketball clinics. From his additional interests in nature and engineering, he has developed an affinity for intertwining the two by applying analytical approaches, physics, and math to explain natural phenomena. These interests have also played a large part in helping Sean decide to pursue an environmental engineering major in college.