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Shailee N.

Driven, Passionate, Innovative

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. 
-Michael Jordan

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Shailee N1


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Now in her sixth year in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI), Shailee plans on continuing to pursue her passion for computer science, biomedical engineering, and business. During her time in SLI, she developed her interest in computer science through various science fair projects and competitions, such as FTC and Project Invent, and her passion for biomedical engineering through different research lab experiences and programs. Her fondness for business grew as she interned at various start-ups and founded her company IUVO.

She also plays an active role in her community, leading her school club and 501c3 non-profit Bears to Share. Through the efforts of 150 volunteers, her initiative has raised over $1500 to donate more than 1000 masks to healthcare workers and others in need and 300 stuffed animals to children in hospitals and care-centers. Shailee has expanded beyond helping her own community by starting the global organization Shape Your Future. Leading chapters from all over the world, she hosts career webinars and workshops, interviewing industry professionals and successful individuals.

Aside from her projects and initiatives, Shailee enjoys baking cakes and playing the ukulele in her free time. She is excited to further explore her interests and continue to help her community.


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