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Sohan N.

Determined, Passionate, Proactive

Those who break the rules are scum... but, those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.
- Obito Uchiha

Sohan 1
Sohan N1


Sohan 2

Sohan is a passionate, driven student who has been in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute for six years. Throughout his time in the program, he has grown his interest in computer science and community involvement. He has demonstrated the application of these interests through the multiple projects that he has done through SLI. He has participated in FTC and a multitude of science fair projects, in which he has demonstrated his engineering abilities.


Throughout his high school career, Sohan has developed a passion and skill for teaching that he has exhibited through his multiple volunteering sessions with younger children. With this experience, Sohan created Rocket Code, an organization designed to teach young children advanced programming skills through an interactive and safe environment.


In the future, Sohan is excited about studying computer science due to the field's creative, impactful, and innovative nature. At Santa Clara High School, Sohan has participated in the track and field and cross country team and vice president of Bears to Share for four years. He has additionally taken a total of 19 rigorous AP and Honors classes. Sohan plays guitar, exercises, and enjoys playing video games with his friends in his free time.


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