Creative, Thoughtful, Passionate

"In a woefully dull world, so vibrantly shines womankind"


- My sister (Catherine Kuh)



Stephanie has been in the STEM Leadership Program for 5 years, dedicating her high school career to leadership and enrichment opportunities, such as being Visual Design Director for the SLI Communications Team and Co-Designer of the SLI Graduates Website. Her interest for the STEM subjects can be seen through the rigorous STEM related courses she takes in school and her participation in extracurricular coding hackathons. Stephanie has participated for 3 years in Tech Challenge and Exploravision, winning honorable mentions for two of her projects. In addition to her STEM interests, Stephanie's passion for the arts can be seen in her investment to visual design for her Technovation semi-finalist app, Clover, and various marketing internships; where she demonstrates determination to bringing the arts into STEM.


Stephanie has also contributed 80+ community service hours to her local church as an assistant teacher and team leader. Getting involved in the STEM community is also just as important to her, volunteering as a mentor and TA for the past 2 years. In her free time, she enjoys exploring

new places, painting, and playing with her two cats.