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Aaryan A.

Determined, Reflective, Passionate

Do nothing which is of no use.
- Miyamoto Musashi

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Aaryan A1


Aaryan_A_Headshot - FINAL.png
While part of the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute for four years, Aaryan has developed keen interests in shaping his character. Aaryan's main passion for computer science spurred from his experience with competitions. Exploravision, Science Fair, Tech Challenge, and Project Invent played essential roles in improving his soft and hard skills.
In school, Aaryan has taken rigorous courses and maintained a social community. Engaging with clubs such as Link Crew helped build a bond within the school. Aaryan focussed on acceptance and letting everybody share their voice. Outside of school, Aaryan interacts with many community-related organizations. Assisting with blood donation, Aaryan has paired up with Stanford Health Care to provide necessities to those in need.
Other community services include helping Second Harvest Food Bank provide food for those in need and helping in school-organized events. Aaryan's hobbies are playing video games, reading books, watching movies, and studying computer-related subjects.
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