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Amanda K.

Observant, Creative, Analytical

If you must know anything, know that the hardest task is to live only once.
- Ocean Vuong

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Amanda K.


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Amanda is interested in the intersection of STEM and the humanities, believing that the most productive work blends the boundaries of expectations. As such, she plans to study cognitive science, particularly in applying artificial intelligence to human issues.

With six years at the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Amanda has developed both technical and soft skills. She is a fellow at Girl Security, working on a National Security Strategy in cybersecurity, combining technology and policy to address modern problems. Additionally, she has won awards at the Tech Initiative’s Tech Challenge, participating in hackathons and robotics competitions.


In addition to her STEM pursuits, Amanda is also an avid creative writer and has been published in various literary magazines. Her work has also been nationally recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the National Poetry Quarterly, and the Roadrunner Review, among others. She is also a National Student Poets Program Semifinalist and a California Arts Scholar. As an editor for the COVIDHope anthology, she has helped edit 100+ submissions to raise support for the collective struggles of the pandemic. 


In her free time, you can find her swimming competitively, starting a new poem, or going on her next adventure. 

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