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Resolute, Analytical, Resilient

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
- Alan Kay

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Throughout his 6 years at the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Ashar has repeatedly shown his pursuit for knowledge and passion for computer science. Winning first place at the Synopsys Science Fair propelled him on his engineering quest, prompting him as a freshman to found the Computer Science Club, now the largest coding club at SCHS. 

Ashar then established his nonprofit, through which he has reached hundreds of students across several school districts, ensuring they receive a comprehensive computer science education in an ever-growing technological world.

Dedicated to his community, Ashar has involved himself in the fruition of a variety of community service projects, ranging from CoderDojo classes for adolescents to equipping senior citizens with cybersecurity fundamentals. Ashar was also recognized nationally for developing a mounted headset for the visually impaired, as he worked closely with a blind individual to innovate most effectively.

Aside from his computer science initiatives, Ashar has a thrill for racket sports, namely tennis and badminton. Captaining the tennis team as a sophomore strengthened his resilience, communication, and leadership skills, all values that Ashar continues to employ today on and off the courts. Ashar constantly looks to the future, working diligently to achieve success.
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