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Passionate, Realistic, Capable

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

- Albert Einstein

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During his six years in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Brandon has consistently demonstrated a love for learning which has lead to several academic successes. He is participating in FIRST Tech Challenge (a robotics competition) for the third year in a row. In school, he is President of the Math Club and secretary of the UNICEF club. With a strong passion for furthering medical advancements and benefiting others, Brandon volunteers at the local Kaiser Permanente Hospital and at the San Jose Tech Museum. An avid volleyball player, he is co-captain of the school volleyball team and has participated in the City Beach Boys 16-Black Volleyball Club for one year. He is also running for the Cross Country team for the second year in a row. In his free time, Brandon enjoys playing the piano, which he has studied for over ten years. Recently, he has had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall through the American Fine Arts Festival.
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