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Analytical, Athletic, Driven

"Nobody changes the world by themselves, no one doesn't change it at all." 
-Hank Green

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Dana C1


Grace_Calfee_Secondary  - Grace Calfee.HEIC
Grace Calfee is an aspiring aerospace engineer and has been a part of SLI for 6 years. Grace has always been interested in the athletics, playing both soccer and golf through high school. She began transferring her leadership experience into her sporting career, moving from team captain positions in both sports to helping coach both recreational and the JV women's soccer teams.
Grace has been expanding her experience in the aerospace industry throughout high school, joining a volunteer program at Moffett Field, working on aircraft restoration on a number of different projects. This includes leading a project on a Pratt and Whitney 9 cylinder engine.
She has also developed her interests in biomedical technology, as she worked with a community partner and lead a team to design a device to help those with visual impairments navigate their surroundings. This has led to project patenting experience, as they now are provisional patent applicants. Grace continues to look forward to her path through college, expanding her knowledge in the aerospace industry. 
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