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Diligent, Passionate, Sympathetic

"It is not certain that

everything is uncertain"

- Blaise Pascal

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During her past six years in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Isabel has delved into the world of STEM through numerous math, science, and robotics projects. Isabel has spent three years as a member of Deja Vu Robotics team, where she helps with management and logistics.
In school, Isabel contributes to the student body by running video and audio systems during rallies and performances, as well as producing small promotional videos to boost student engagement in events. In her sophomore year, Isabel co-founded Competitive Math Club, where she taught non-traditional approaches to math problems weekly for three years. 
Outside of school, Isabel loves to dance; she has been dancing for 12 years and is a member of Nor Cal Dance Art's Apprentice Company. She can often be found performing in school events such as Lip Sync, BOTC, Day of the Arts, and the talent show.
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