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Inquisitive, Versatile, Methodical

"And the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short"
- Thomas Hobbes

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Vivek A1


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Javeria has been a dedicated member of the SLI program since 7th grade and acquired a lot of knowledge which will be crucial for the very near future. She aims to work in the diplomatic field, carrying the knowledge of collaboration she developed over the years of team projects in the SLI program. 

Javeria’s passion for international relations and politics has motivated her to help lead Model United Nations, Santa Clara Sister Cities, and Parliamentary Debate Club. Being a part of SCHS’s Mock Trial team and the Youth Ambassador program to Brazil have also been great experiences where Javeria applied the SLI core values. 

Outside of her busy schedule, Javeria loves to play badminton, write creative short stories, and reread her favorite fantasy novels. 
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