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John L.

Passionate, Determined, Dedicated

To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable!
- Ludwig van Beethoven

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Being in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute for six years, John has learned what it takes to be in the STEM field. While learning numerous skills such as good communication, leadership, and research, John has developed a passion for science, specifically biology. Taking AP classes such as biology and chemistry, John has also taken a cancer biology class at Stanford University, learning the six original hallmarks of what makes cancer lethal. 

Being a varsity water polo player for four years, John has learned what it means to work with a team. In addition, John has done competitive swimming since 7th grade, gaining discipline from every practice. Since 8th grade, John has played for the California Philharmonic Youth Orchestra as a trumpet player. In his final year as a principal trumpet, John has learned the leadership skills needed to lead the brass section. 

Outside of orchestra and school, John plays the piano and composes music during his spare time. Throughout the entire day, John listens to classical music for leisure. Next year John plans to study Bioinformatics at UC San Diego
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