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Jonathan G.

Loyal, Musician, Chipotle-addict

It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.
- Roy T. Bennett

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Risha K.


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Jonathan has been a part of the SLI program since 7th grade. Throughout his six years, he has grown as a leader and critical thinker, and he discovered his passion for chemistry through participation in the Synopsys Science Fair. He thanks the SLI program for the community it provided him and the life-long friends and memorable experiences he leaves the program with. Having co-founded R.E.P.S., a team committed to expanding knowledge of ecology and biology, Jonathan is also passionate about preserving local ecosystems and teaching the next generation the importance of protecting endemic plant species.

Outside of school, Jonathan spends a lot of time practicing chord progressions and going over drum rudiments as a drummer and pianist at his local church, and serving during youth services. In his free time, Jonathan can be found writing drum parts for his favorite songs and adding movies he’ll never watch to his IMDb watchlist.

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