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Kabir S.

Composed, Confident, Unifying

"If you break the barriers of your own mind, then joy will be found in every home."
- Kabir

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Kabir is a passionate and sociable student at Santa Clara High School and a member of the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute. He is enthusiastic about building community-based environmental solutions. He has made a home leak detection system and navigation software for tourists. In the past, he has won awards at the Synopsys Science Fair and in FTC Robotics for his work.

Kabir was president of the PC/Hardware Club and a member of the Weightlifting Club. He is the co-founder of PECS, a student group that helps citizens at the Cypress Senior Center learn about cybersecurity and using technology safely.

Outside of academics, Kabir is an outstanding player on the varsity golf team, winning Second Team All-League and qualifying for SCVAL finals. He also enjoys practicing martial arts, baking with friends and family, and listening to music. He loves to travel with his family and explore national parks. After high school, Kabir hopes to pursue an industrial engineering degree and become an entrepreneur.
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