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Lauren T.

Whimsical, Silly, Carefree

"You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. You turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about."
-Todd Chavez


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Over the course of his six years in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Lauren Taffe has developed and honed a true passion for statistics and entrepreneurship. He created and launched his own small business at the age of 14, and found the process of running a business to be enjoyable as well as a learning experience. Looking at the statistics and analytics of his business has remained one of his favorite activities. After receiving a 4 on the AP Statistics exam, he began pursuing a major in statistics and plans to earn a Master's degree in data science in the future.

Taffe also has a passion for accessibility. As the president of Cinema Club, a co-founder of ASL Club, and a member of SCHS Drama Club, he has developed true prowess for working in a team and as a leader. Consequently, he has learned the value of others' perspectives. Because of this, he plans to minor in ASL and Deaf Studies in the hopes of continuing to bridge the gap between Hearing and Deaf communities.
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