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Rhea N.

Diligent, Inquisitive, Kind

Don’t spend all of your time trying to FIND yourself. Spend your time CREATING yourself into a person that you’ll be proud of. 
- Sonya Parker

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Now entering the 6th year of her 49ers STEM Leadership journey, Rhea looks forward to the road that lies ahead of her. Throughout her academic experience, she is proud to have taken part in ranging activities, first fostering her interests in computer science through Girls Who Code and FIRST robotic competitions, and now seeking a new direction with her passion for anatomical sciences.


This past summer, she digitally monitored COVID-19 patients through a non-profit organization serving those unable to be admitted to hospitals in India, communicating between patients and local doctors. She also is involved with student-run organizations: serving as Director of Outreach for Evolve, which is dedicated to helping students explore their career paths, and Director of Marketing and Technology for BlueBloom, which is focused on establishing mentor relationships between high school students and the specially abled.


Within school, she participates in several clubs, works with LinkCrew to mentor incoming freshmen, and plays for the school volleyball team which she joined since her freshman year. Outside of school, she coaches volleyball to children in her community, enjoys traveling with her friends, and volunteers at the Los Gatos Animal Hospital.

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