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Ryan R.

Outgoing, Understanding, Caring

"The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you."
-Stephanie Perkins

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As a member of the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute for six years, Ryan has developed both academically and morally. Through the years of team projects, collaboration, and reflection, Ryan has learned to become an understanding individual not only towards others but also towards himself.

Outside the classroom, Ryan loves to interact and learn from his surroundings. Ryan has played varsity and national-level volleyball for over six years and has been fortunate to receive a silver and bronze medal at the Boys Junior National Championships (BJNC). As for academic interests, Ryan has participated in three years of the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) as a member of Team Taro to further his personal journey through hardware and outreach.

As someone who wishes to give back, Ryan has acted as a student representative on the SCUSD Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Committee to help support district efforts to make SCUSD a greener and more sustainable place for the future generations.

As he progresses through his academic career, Ryan hopes to unite his interests in both science and engineering as he pursues a career in the field of chemical engineering.
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