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Sireesha D.

Unwavering, Compassionate, Imaginative

"Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward"
- Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn 99

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Hasitha A1


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Sireesha Dandamudi has been a cohort member of the 49ers SLI Program for four years, continually building her love of public policy. Her involvement in Project Invent as a part of Team Overhead for three years has been an extremely rewarding journey. It showed her that addressing societal issues takes STEM core values, which she has developed through the STEM Program. Being part of a team dedicated to fostering the development of their invention and putting their focus on a community's needs has been nothing but worthwhile.
Sireesha has explored her passions for theatre through the SCHS Theatre Department, performing since her junior year in five plays and musicals, making it a community she is grateful to be a part of. She is also the Co-President of the Indian Student Association and Vice President of the Parliamentary Debate Club, both of which explore different aspects of her identity and passion for politics. When she has free time, she loves embroidery and baking. She hopes to be a public policy analyst in state or local government, working to create change in the future.
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