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Vi N.

Creative, Invested, Diligent

Mariner, do not ask whose tomb this may be, but go with good fortune; I wish you a kinder sea. 
- Plato

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Vi Nguyen is a student from Santa Clara High who finds a deep passion for neuroscience and art. At a young age, they asked many questions about how people think, move, and process the world around them, resulting in deep investigation regarding cognitive sciences. Now, as a student aiming to move into a neuroscience field, they one day hope to work in occupational therapy to increase other's quality of life.

As the Co-Founder of the ASL Club and someone who contributed as a guitar-playing assistant for those with low hand dexterity, accessibility in all forms has always been of high priority to them, and they hope to create a more accessible world through each step they take.

Not only a student interested in science, they are very fond of the art projects they have worked on throughout their life. When they aren't studying, they enjoy drawing character's they've designed and building the world they live in through writing and illustration. Currently, they are working with a team to produce a web series they hope to perhaps create a show in the relatively far future.
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