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Vivek A.

Leader, Reliable, Initiative

But our lives aren't just measured in years. They're measured in the lives of people we touch around us.
- Peeta Mellark

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Vivek A1


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Through his six years in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute, Vivek Atmuri has developed his robotics and machinery skills along with his leadership, communication, and, most importantly, his initiative. With over five years of experience in FTC, Vivek has learned how to CAD online and use a CNC machine, 3D Printer, and Laser Cutter along with various handheld tools. During the pandemic Vivek has taken the initiative to start a youth climate action team to make sure his city, his home, stays safe and green in the ever-changing industrialization of the world. Being the varsity goalie on the school water polo team has helped him develop invaluable leadership skills. In and out of the water, Vivek is a leader and friend to his teammates, allowing them to succeed in the season.


Vivek has learned a lot from and is grateful for his time and memories with his peers and friends at Santa Clara High School and the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute.

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