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Devin W.

Thinker, Tinkerer, Troubleshooter

No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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As a sixth-year student of 49ers STEM Leadership Institute (SLI), Devin is a passionate individual who is always on the hunt for better ideas and determined to excel in all of his classes. Devin has explored his interest in engineering and technology through various competitions such as the FIRST Tech Challenge, Maker Faire, and the Tech Challenge. Devin embraces the unconventional by incorporating odd solutions, such as chopstick axles and a Solo cup intake, into his robot designs. 

Devin has also spent time paying it forward to the community through his work with Team Taro on the hackathon TaroHacks and his initiative with Team Re-Act to increase environmental literacy throughout the district. As a founder of one the Pay It Forward legacy teams, Devin has ensured that his efforts will continue on with younger members of SLI long after he graduates.  

When not tinkering around in the FAB Lab, Devin loves biking through the hills overlooking Cupertino or playing tennis with friends. Devin also enjoys exploring San Francisco and Santa Cruz with family. 
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